What binds us together is stronger than the bond of blood.
it is in our spiritual beliefs,
the realm in which we return to in times of praise and glory and in times of grief and pain.
We are the callers of the corners and followers of love and glory.
Fellow sister-friends, who stand taller together, united as one force, rather than all over the place.
We flow into the lakes, rivers, and streams to become a part of something larger, like in the forefront of a dream.
One becomes two, then two to three, and four and five; always another soul to please.
What a monument has been sculpted by the waters that blue yonder friendship is given?
I am strength.
I am hope and courage.
I am the breeze.
I am super cala fragilistic expialidocious.
We are the women behind the women who are woven in all the water elements, which sustain us all.
The sun, moon, and stars died out for us to receive their energy, as we effortlessly grew into mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and granddaughters.
We are the role models, who rise beyond the call we had so many years ago as teenagers.

Inspired by strong, empowering words, spoken by those women who came before.
The women who served a purpose and opened so many doors for us.
I realize the love that flows through me and I recognize the true spirit within us all, as I look toward the sun and moon in my sky.
I feel the fire in your soul and the gratitude felt deep within yearning to
be seen.
-Soul of Aly

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