I hate that one look at you can stir up so many demons.
A big lump of you lies inside my cubbyhole.
My brain functions on pure adrenaline.
My heart pulsating blood that bleeds you.
My insignificant little world Is the least of your pathetic thoughts.
You consume yourself with thoughts of yourself.
That’s another thing we have in common.
I hate your bald shining head.
Your booming music in your stupid car.
You’re such a sick excuse for a human being.
Ashamed that I let you ravage my body.
Ashamed that in our head games we clashed pawns.
You are moving closer to hell.
I am not following behind.
All I do is sickly sulk.
And for that, I am unfortunate.
You overcame my conscience.
You believe in creatures, all rid of you as the daybreaks.
Just don’t you worry.
-Soul of Aly

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