Strictly wide-open.
Faces often ignored.
Satisfaction guaranteed, but what satisfies another?
Everyone has different expectations, as well as hopes and dreams.
But we all aspire Peace, love and happiness.
Where do we find those things, you ask?
Inside yourself.
Inside your soul.
Your desires will feel the answers.
The hidden pieces of you are only found when you let them be discovered.
Open your heart, I’ll let you love me.
Some things never change.
Certainly, you can vouch for that.
Consistence is food for the brain.
The equilibrium of intelligence.
Negligence is the key to sorrow.
It is then that everything falls apart.
And when that travels deeper into your emotions, you begin to feel regret.
Regret is nothing to ponder upon.
There is no room in life for regrets.
Everything happens for a reason and that is why the things negligence reveals are the biggest moments of your memory.
They are the milestones that help us figure out who we are, and the learning experiences that help you discover the real you, your real purpose in life.
When you’ve learned all that you are here to learn, you migrate to a new world.
-Soul of Aly

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