The cat’s meow

What would suffice to one whose needs can never be met?
How twisted of moral that does not exist.
Trying so hard to meet expectations out of your reach can be quite exhausting.
You swirl around in this tiny membrane mush thinking of ways to make frayed ends meet,
but there’s never any spark.
What can be more enticing than satisfaction,
when your curiosity is sometimes not what you expected?
The hole that was there can finally be filled.
There is so much anxiety flowing through the world.
The weight capacity is highly forcible.
Pressure sitting on your shoulders.
Which way do you turn?
There is meaning in everything but knowledge is not easily found.
Before things slip through your fingers must decide with the risk factor is.
Should you stay or should you go?
Follow through and steal all the little moments that may come along.
For each time you make someone smile, take that that fulfillment and lock it in your heart.
Try to keep it most sacred because you never know when you’ll feel the sun upon you again.
The trivial thoughts that seem to accompany you aren’t quite so useless when you have the answers.
-Soul of Aly

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