Bird’s song

The security of each day, when the bird sings his praises.
He sings the promise of his heart.
He tucks his family away, while he hunts and hollers with the other melodious fellows.
Upon his return, his family has long awaited his arrival.
He nurtures his loved ones and leaves the nest again for the next meal.
His babies hum and buzz, as do the insects that surround the nest.
For they need nurturing too.
Just the same, their daddies are out acquiring meals for the little ones.
A warm breeze passes by my skin and whistles in my mind.
The sunlight dances along the sidewalk, as I move to its tempo.
Eucalyptus, sage, rosemary and lavender fill the air with their aroma, and I smell of sweet perfume.
The flowers collect water from the sky, as do the puddles,
and nature takes cover.
Nighttime falls before us all and God turns out the sun.
But he never leaves us without a light to follow and guide us through the darkness, for He brings the holy light of the moon,
no matter its phase, which doth shine in the sky
to light the way for you and I.

-Soul of Aly

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