Your voice chimes in my ears like the soft summer breeze that surrounded our first moments together.

The touch of your lips is a feeling I long for healing for and desire.
You melt my heart with your love-filled words and actions.
You feel me from the inside out.
You captivate my soul.
Your body never clashes with mine.
We fit so perfectly together.
In our wildest dreams we’ll find you and I.
Stand with me against the world.
We’ve proven that there is such a thing as true love.
Let the sun shine down upon us, warm our souls with delight.
My eyes seem ever shining.
The glow of them scares me.
I feel for you like no one else.
My heart beats for you.
I breathe you.
I long for your every moment of presence.
You are my talk, my song, and my life.
I live my life to be with you for eternity.
To see your beautiful being.
To feel your love.
To love you.
To receive your love in return.
Electrifying waves strike my body when I think of you.
Never could I picture myself walking down this road of happiness without the one who projects this feeling.
Without you.
-Soul of Aly

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