My pride comes from having you as a mother.
You would never know the enormous amount of strength that you fill me with.
I’ve come to realize that I am in awe of being your daughter.
There will never be a greater sense of love.
You give me confidence in myself.
You make me see that there is hope.
You support the fact that if I have nothing, I still have love.
You are there to greet me every second of the day.
You stand tall and help me through my pain.
You are there when I need a friend.
You are there when I need a mother to depend upon.
My life has come from the highest power of living.
A mother is nothing if not love.
Your admirability is a special gift.
Your helping hands keep me from harm.
Sparkle and shine for me.
You never show fear.
Mother, I love you.
These words come from deep within my heart and I felt this way from the very start.
-Soul of Aly

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