I close my eyes, turn off my ears and focus on thoughts of endearment.
The smile on your face that makes my heart freeze in the moment. The touch of your hand that can put goosebumps on insensitive skin, eyes that melt my soul and changes like the seasons.
The sky posing as pink and orange, then to bitter blue.
The grass from green to brown.
Leaves going from yellow to tan.
Unlike all that comes along with nature, our love won’t die, but it will instead outlive our imagination. It is the truth that lies beneath the core of our beauty of wonderful collaboration. A mix of opposition that seems to burn through barriers of confrontation.
Though everything and everyone are subject to dispute. We shall conquer all that traps our minds eye and flourish like the true ambience of sharing each other.
You will always have the leading role on my cloud, for you line my life with splendor.
-Soul of Aly

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