Empire of dust

When I look into the sky, I know that you are there.
When I’m driving my car, you are sitting beside me.
When I’m lying in my bed, you are sitting on the edge of it.
Even closing my eyes doesn’t lock you out of my surroundings.
The clouds seem to form your face.
The stars shape and seize your smile.
The moon and the sun, the shining glow of your reflection.
Utterly confused, yet consumed.
Fashionably late, as you always were.
Too quick of an entrance.
Scarcely forbidden.
Left all alone.
I just want to be wanted.
I want to be noticed.
I can’t even find the tears to cry.
At the most tarting moments, I feel our memories.
No matter where you or I go we will always collide at the end of the road.
The last breath of happiness was exhaled.
But alas, a wisp of sensibility.
I have awoken from my trance.
I’ve got to find my spirit alive before it dies with the courage I once had.
Slowly, I will regain my tributes and continue to rebuild my Empire.
-Soul of Aly

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