Overcoming the falling pedestal

I sent a letter to my love.
He has yet to respond.
I wonder what he’s thinking at this very moment.
I sometimes believe that I feel what he is feeling.
And the same goes for him with me.
Sulking and skulking around, but here I stumble, moping and groping as my heart pours disgust.
I’ve let my emotions take over my reality.
I always said I never make the right decisions or assumptions.
My hope is in a bottle and I open the lid when I long to dream.
I light my candles, stare into pictures and still never find my faith.
I could be mad at myself for the choices I’ve made, but it’s hard to stay pissed off when there is so much beauty in the world.
I will continue my life whether it be in misery or in bliss.
But I know this, I will always remember where I come from and what I stand for.
And that is true poetry.
-Soul of Aly

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