There is a pain inside my heart, that cannot be put the rest.
I loathe this anger I behold.
I want to break free.
The loneliness behind the light aches my entire body.
There is a red circle around the moon that holds trouble yet to come.
I feel that heartache inside my body all day.
The man I love is far behind.
I stare into empty spaces.
I cannot control my love and time seems to be standing still.
Twinkle twinkle, something I could never find.
I love to watch nature take its course, but this course that I found leads to a dead end.
I drown myself.
I wallow in depression.
Self-indulgence is not the key, but it’s the only one that unlocks the door to my mind.
I don’t want to go on this way.
There is no happiness here.
My time is full blackness.
A tear has fallen from my eye.
-Soul of Aly

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