They call me the wonderer

My mind is a Scrabble match.
Words need to be put into format.
The stranglehold that is blinded by emotion pulls me in all different directions.
Truthfully speaking, I’m disoriented.
I’ve always been me, and loved being me, but now there’s turmoil due to current blank movements that cannot be recovered.
I don’t recall what I did or where I went, I just know that I lived.
I will continue to live, with God’s help, of course.
The path that I’ve chosen is one of wisdom.
I’ve seen and conquered so many things.
I just want to breathe.
Faith holds my attention.
I am struggling with the tasks that I am faced with.
But they, I overcome.
I know that time will be on my side and I will prevail because I now believe in me.
-Soul of Aly

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