Utter confusion

Simply irresistible.
Wrong again.
I was driven by temptation.
A man I created in my head.
So tender, so divine in spirit; a true soul, my best friend.
The companionship was broken as were the leak walls.
Forced entry, on my part, of course.
Ending in deception, as it always results.
I reside in my room.
Flutter at the thought.
Scared that I’ll never be the same.
Where is the person who used to dwell in this body?
Send out a search party.
Swim into the deep blue sea.
Where art thou, Romeo?
Terror always seeks him.
A poison that entered my bloodstream.
Used, abused, scared for the new me to come.
Restoration of the deceased.
I’ll try to rise on the third day.
Is there an angel nearby?
Am I being taken care of?
Why am I drowning, when I know how to swim?
A force that controls my dreams.
I’ll never find anything without sensibility.
Stay true to thine self.
Be pure, be strong and stay gold!
-Soul of Aly

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