Torture has set its position in my life.
My beliefs no longer matter.
Love startles me.
Fear throughout my body.
Link me to human nature.
Poison me with heartless gestures.
I am not the chosen one.
Beauty went in the opposite direction.
Clenching Jaws.
Nervous of my presence.
Turn your head.
Pretend no one is near.
Hide your feelings
Someone is watching.
Bite your fingernails.
I brush my fingers through my hair.
Curiosity falls over my mind.
Deepness no longer spoken.
The scent of old surroundings.
The warmth that pain can bring.
Struggles to be untied.
The massacre has just begun to sing.
Flourish like a butterfly.
Stay away for years.
Sing to me when you find happiness.
I’ll wait for you in chains.
-Soul of Aly

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