It’s getting harder and harder to resist.
My love has returned, but not to me.
Again, dwelling in the same city.
I tried to strike but I’m discovering that my weakness is love.
This love that I feel cannot be ignored.
No matter where I lock it up or where I hide it, the feelings come back to haunt me.
I reach for my book and begin to write.
I release myself from this anguish.
But the only thing that can fight these hardships is lying in the arms of my beloved.
The thought that my dreams may never come true keeps me awake in the night.
When I’m trying to drift away from the pain trapped deep within my aura.
If I never get closure or get closer, I will suffer for all eternity.
I just want happiness to find me, but what I am doing to myself isn’t helping.
I am not living the way I used to.
I am allowing his feelings to feed all my weaknesses and I’m dying inside!
I don’t want to die.
I want to live!
Letting go of our problems and going after our dreams is what keeps us alive.
Who am I to try and solve problems?
-Soul of Aly

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