Cold sacrifice

Inclined with the stars and the moon, feeling the sky begin to slowly burst.
This heart of mine wallows still, as frustration crawls inward.
My stained lips grow numb, my mind stores the etches they’ve touched.
Never recall what you saw.
Remember the whispers you heard.
Winding inside.
The answers draw near.
There is nothing more sacred than what you fear.
Why must you escape?
When knowledge is power, constant things become a downfall.
Now, stumbling over your words, close your eyes and recall the promises once heard.
Linen cloth and lace the tragedy yet to come.
It was beautiful once, as the memory reminds you.
The prison that you rot in, you built it for yourself.
You make your decision.
The world is made by you.
Climb the walls of insanity, but you cannot escape from life because it is what you make it.
-Soul of Aly

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