What has become of us?
I push through my heartache.
I can’t seem to make myself move from this weakened moment.
The slime dripping from the walls of the house of pain reflects blood and lust.
I loathe you terribly, but you are still the only one who makes my knees weak and my body tingle.
I miss you. Five minutes after you’ve gone.
Trails of our kisses follow your goodbye.
Your voice slowly diminishes for many years as you distance yourself.
Could I belong to you?
Could you belong to me?
Do you stare into the mirror, waiting for answers as I do?
I Lift my hands to the sky and wonder why you caused me so much pain?
As the rain trickles on my face I feel you nearby.
Inside my soul is where I find you lying.
Never are you dormant.
Though I wish you were.
-Soul of Aly

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