The pain that lies behind my eyes shines all around me.
I scare myself.
I deliver my body into deprivation.
The choices I’ve made were always unwise.
There is so much good to seek.
I am overflowing with love.
It’s always been just me.
Friends, they just come and go.
They teach you what you were to learn for the movement and then vanish after the mission has been accomplished.
I need all the sanity I can muster.
I reached up to the stars.
Can I let go of my anger?
I am tired of deceiving my own wishes.
I just want to be secure.
To be happy and loved, Fokker show your face you Fokker you want to come in my elbow really loved for the passionate heart that I hide.
If I could, I would give my last breath to save the lives of the ones that I love.
Unfortunately, the world does not accept that happiness comes from within.
That’s what we have yet to achieve.
-Soul of Aly

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