Scar tissue

Armor my mind so you cannot subside.
Lace my heart closed.
Punch holes in my flesh to ease my disgrace.
Broken pieces of life fall into place, when you don’t seem to concentrate on the scrutiny of it all.
I remain blind so truth can never be seen.
Mystery is always enticing.
Falsehood is not, but it does bleach the eyes until a better solution arrives.
Glue the mouth shut and let the eyes do the talking, they’ll get more accomplished.
Find your truth and you shall be set free.
Wallowing in self-pity can be a great learning experience.
When you grasp the knowledge of all life alterations, you begin to see that there is more than what meets the eye.
Beauty, misery, bliss and fulfillment fall into this category,
Never trash the small, meaningless, trivial moments because in the end they could come back to you.
These moments could actually be the times you should have paid attention to.
Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t be in such a rut.
Or, if you took the time to see the big picture, you could find yourself sitting on an island of knowledge Instead of being on a lonely rock in the middle of the ocean.
-Soul of Aly

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