You are the pit of my stomach.
The tear in my eye.
The glowing reflection of my being.
You’re the constant thought flowing through my mind.
The pulse in my veins.
A chapter in my book.
And the words of my song.
Have I loved you in another lifetime?
Were you my kindred friend?
I speak to you in riddles.
No wonder you cannot comprehend.
Your essence clings to me as I free my burdens.
I long to have you next to me, but I anticipate my freedom.
Your voice is constant.
My eyes see you no matter which way I turn.
There is no hope for me.
I am hopelessly in love.
I tried to escape you, but you’re at every window I turn.
I want you to notice me.
I want to be loved by you.
-Soul of Aly

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