Blurred vision

I sometimes feel as if I’m all alone, but then I look into your gleaming, beautiful eyes and I know that our love will last forever.
I have someone to laugh, with bond with, but most of all trust.
You’ve shown me that a friendship doesn’t have to hurt, and up until now,

I thought that hardship was the biggest part of a friendship.
It’s supposed to be a co-dependency that lasts forever.
I’ve learned that a connection between friends can be held between more than two people.
I don’t know what I would do without you.
You are the sunshine of my day.
Warmth for when it’s cold.
And all the laughter for when it’s quiet.
Thank you so deep for being my best friend because you too really are the only ones, I can trust, especially with my innermost thoughts and my stupidness.
And most of all, I can be who I really am.
You are very special in your own ways and it shows every smile how much of a sweet, loving, and caring person you really are.
-Soul of Aly

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