Chamber door

I wonder what it’s like to be normal?
Or, if there is a normal?
Or wondering why or not to introduce yourself to reality.
The world is cumbersome.
I keep myself locked in a bottle.
Inside a notebook is where I’m heard.
I listen to a voice that lies in my subconscious.
It battles with another voice that controls my actions.
What am I doing wrong?
Did I pry too deep into the spirit world?
Will I ever find what I search for every time I wonder?
I learned nothing but spirituality and what it represents.
The language, emotion and the capacity of it all.
And still my faith remains at the same level.
Can’t good things happen to good people for a change?
Why are things always vice versa?
Only God knows why, but I’m sure our time will come.
-Soul of Aly

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