Binding each other with love and truths is the most wonderful affirmation.
Looking through one another keeps sanity of heart and soul.
Finding all that surrounds us is evil and foolish, but our two minds grasp the serenity in the air
Though we be damned by jealousy, confusion, envy, and greed
I lie in your arms and know that I am safe from all tempered actions.
I align myself with yours and fall into tenderness.
Should I be weary, you turn me toward lighted paths.
When I am weak, you fill my mind with thoughts that overcome.
Fairytale schemes were brought to my attention, as were the ideas of you and I.
It’s always nice to dream in wonderment.
Believing in impossible situations helped me to capture the fondness I longed for.
To feel the love you give unto me.
To see the feeling in your sight,

To smile at your smile.

To show you all that is beautiful and subject you to nothing that could harm.
That is what I sense every time I breathe.
You are the golden light, the rain and all that is real.
-Soul of Aly

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