Cruising (For Aunt Angie)

She always wanted to take a cruise. Imagine her cruising on that Aurora wide open sea with her hair blowing and her hand waving her face smiling with hope and delight. She is going to be doing what she always wanted to do, sailing on a cruise ship. She is free now to just cruise on a relaxing vacation. She is free now to relax and embrace life and touch everyone’s heart at the same time, her spirit rises up and redeems the tokens of life that she deserves to finally take hold of. Imagine her beauty gazing over the setting sun, she will always shine and stay golden to us. Her perseverance has and always will be felt now as it was when she first introduced us to her other side, she gave us her all and grew even more faithful and adored for her actions and for her trust in each other.

-Soul of Aly

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