I will not let you take over me. I am in charge now. I deserve to be happy. I want to escape myself sometimes, and sometimes I want to roll around in the leaves in appreciation of my life. I like when the sun shines on a rainy day, I love to run and catch the rainbow. I love being held on lonely nights, but there’s never anyone there to grasp. I enjoy my mind because I explore all aspects. Some may call me crazy, but at least I’m adventurous. I love to have my hair whipping in the winds as I spin until I am dizzly humored. I love to swing toward the sky. It’s almost like you can really touch it as if you could hold hands with the clouds. And then you throw your head back and lose your stomach! It’s almost like falling in love! Butterflies in your belly. goose pimples on your face, the air that whisks through your ears makes you want to open your eyes, but instead, you scream out loud and keep them shut and just go with that feeling that you feel. I try every day to praise life, but I am not sure if life returns my affections, because all the things I appreciate are taken from me. I make do, but no one else seems to think so!

So far away I slipped again. Catch you when the sun rises. Aren’t they the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen? How the clouds catch the rays of the sun and then the way the sky splashes full of color. And then Beares the holy light that keeps the world from dying. Out of nowhere, phrases pop into our minds, I particularly like that and its one of the things I love best about my self- my freedom.
-Soul of Aly

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