You’ve taken my pride. and sketched it into the seams of all your t-shirts.
I want to rip your insides out and feed them to you.
I’ll make you feel the nausea that thrusts through my body every time I say your name.
Your entire existence sickens me.
I’m pushed to my limits.
I’ve had my fill.
All the time’s we fought to keep each other.
All the time’s we laughed and sang.
I’ve locked them inside my heart-shaped box.
You do remember that don’t you?
My tragedy is unbearable at times.
I burst into roaring flames of fire.
I scream your name into the half-lit sky and wonder why it is that you’ve conquered my spirit.
Through my smile, you can find the happy girl who used to abide by all the rules.
But through my eyes. insecurity is starting to see through.
I’m blessed by angels, and without them, I would have plunged to my death already.
I know now that loving you isn’t anything that I should do.
But your grip always overpowered me.
-Soul of Aly

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