Tearing eyes

Kismet between two people can be so immense and intense
I never know what to gather from our meetings of the minds.
You seem to enlighten me and at the same time you fill me with strength.
That’s what I’ve always loved about our skin-deep connection, the fact that you love me for who I am.
You come into my life when I need you the most.
That’s what’s important.
Your light shines on the dark path I walk, I only wish you’d stay so that I can use your strength to my advantage.
I release my mind to you and in return you to the same.
See the best instead of the worst.
I always needed help seeking goodness.
I always need to depend on your security, when in fact, it’s mine I should seek out.
Your help is always appreciated.
I’m just not sure if it actually helps.
If you’d stay a little while longer, maybe I could believe in you so that I could start believing in myself.
-Soul of Aly

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