Silent but deadly

How can something so distant bring so much pain?
Why is it so difficult to remove a loved one from your lifeline?
I have tried everything in my power to rid myself of demons.
I love myself, but also hate my actions.
I cannot fulfill my needs, if I haven’t the strength.
Can the outer world intervene to help those involved?
I have to lose in order to learn what it is to gain, but the anger I feel deep within cannot justify.
I melt into the tiniest things.
The emotional circumstances override reality.
I live for freedom.
I long to be secure.
Maybe that is why it is taking so long to absorb knowledge.
I’ve forsaken and have taken for granted all the people I care about.
All of my ambition has sunk below with the anchor I’ve attached.
I’m not quite sure if it made me grounded, but at least I’m beginning to regain my consciousness.
-Soul of Aly

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